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Information on Asahi Town / Mogami River Rafting Tour

The event will be held on the Mogami River, which is one of the three major rapids in Japan and represents Yamagata Prefecture.
Full-scale torrent and exciting rafting due to the thaw in spring and the flooding after rain.
Enjoy rafting with a guide arrangement on sunny days from summer to autumn.
Let's play in a natural river with torrents and nice views!


​Mogami River Rafting Tour

Tour period ~ 7/26, 9/2 ~ 10/24

Time required about 3 hours

Tour time ①9: 00 ~ ②13: 15 ~

* Autumn late season is from 11:00


Fees Weekdays  ¥ 7,000

Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Obon season ¥ 7,200

Included in the price: Equipment set rental for rafting, shoe rental, guide fee, photo data, facility use, insurance fee, hot spring bathing ticket


Target age 5th grade ~ 

* Height 135 cm or more Elementary school students are accompanied by a guardian

Meeting place Asahi base

Torrent degree ★★ ~ ★★★★
​ Physical fitness ★★ ~ ★★★
First time OK!

* The time required is an approximate guide. It may change depending on the water level, weather, and the gathering situation of customers on the day.

* Please complete the meeting, reception, and payment at least 10 minutes before the start time of each tour.

* Please contact us if you are late for the meeting time.

There is no bathing / shower facility, but there is a simple foot / body washing area and a body wiping sheet in the changing room.

In addition, all those who wish to participate in the rafting tour will be given a bathing ticket for the hot spring facility "Ringo Onsen" within 5 minutes by car.

Please use all means.


You can pay by cash on the day or PayPay.

* Cashless payments other than credit cards and PayPay cannot be used.


We will rent all the specialized equipment required for rafting.

​Essential belongings

​Basically, you can participate only with your belongings






Recommended belongings


・ Wetsuit inner

For those with sensitive skin, we recommend wearing a rush guard as an inner, or Ron T, T-shirt, tights, etc., which are made of a well-drained chemical fiber material, to prevent rashes on the wet suit. (Cotton is not possible because it causes a decrease in body temperature)


・ Water shoes

Free rental is available, but if you are looking for more comfort or are of extreme size, please bring your own sneakers and water shoes that you can get wet. Free rental shoes are available in sizes from approximately 21 cm to 29 cm.


・ Glasses band

If you wear glasses, please bring them with you if you have them. Free rentals are available, but the number is limited.


・ Replacement contact lenses

If you are using a soft lens such as one day, please have it ready as a precaution in case of falling out.


・ Underwater goggles

Those who plan to use hard contact lenses are recommended to prevent them from falling off.



Ultraviolet rays are strong on the surface of the water. If you are worried about sunburn, please bring it with you.


・ Insect repellent

Since the tour is conducted in a natural river, insects may appear depending on the season.


・ Shorts, seawater pants, etc.

Wet suits have a body line due to their characteristics.

If you are interested, please prepare shorts that you can wear as an outerwear for your wetsuit.

The meeting place


Rustica Asahi Base



461 Okurihashi, Asahi-cho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata Prefecture

please note


Those under the age of 18 are required to sign a parental participation agreement.


Health condition due to rafting including waterfall and swimming, such as those who are drunk / drunk (including hangover), those who are pregnant or may be pregnant, and those who are prohibited from playing sports by doctors. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we will refuse participation if you have a hangover, injury, or health condition that may have a significant adverse effect on your condition.



If you have a handicap or are worried about your health condition, we will judge whether we can handle it, so please contact us in advance.


Application / participation is possible from 2 people.

Cancellation / Course change


Rafting uses a natural river. If the water level rises due to heavy rain, etc. and exceeds the specified water level before the tour, or if it is expected to exceed the specified water level during the tour, such as when an alarm is issued, the course may be changed or canceled. .. Please forgive me for safety.

In case of cancellation, we will basically contact you up to 2 hours before the tour starts on the day, but if there is a high possibility of cancellation, we may contact you the night before. If you contact us, please be assured that there will be no cancellation fee. However, if the tour is held without your own judgment of the weather, a cancellation fee will be charged. If you are uncertain about the weather, please contact us regardless of the time. Unless otherwise contacted by Rustica, the tour will be held as usual.


In case of cancellation, we will not be responsible for any accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, etc. related to the itinerary. For a fun trip, we recommend that you have a backup plan (indoor activities, sightseeing, etc.) in case of bad weather just in case.

Cancellation fee rules


Please note that the following cancellation fee will be charged from 5 days in advance if the reservation is canceled due to customer's convenience after the reservation is confirmed. We will contact you individually by phone or email regarding the payment method of the cancellation fee.


The cancellation fee will be charged at the following rate from the total amount to be paid.

5 days ago 30%

4 days ago 30%

3 days ago 30%

2 days before (2 days ago) 50%

The day before (1 day ago) 80%

80% of members on the day * When some members in the group are canceled on the day and other people participate.

100% for all members on the day * When all group members are canceled on the day.


* No cancellation fee will be charged in the following situations. In such cases, we will contact you in advance by phone.

・ When Rustica decides to cancel the rafting tour when the water level of the river for safe tours is exceeded or is expected to be exceeded.

・ When Rustica determines that it is difficult to conduct a tour due to some other reason.

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