Confirmation / Precautions for online reservation


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● For online reservations, please be sure to contact us by phone if you do not receive a reply from Rustica within 24 hours of your application.

● The reservation will be officially confirmed when the reservation confirmation email is sent from Rustica.


● Please make a WEB reservation at least 2 days in advance (17:00 the day before).


● Please make WEB reservations by PC mail (Hotmail, Gmail, icloud, etc. free mail is OK) as much as possible. AU, DOCOMO,  If you make a reservation with SOFTBANK, you may not receive a reply from Rustica.


● Please note that if you receive a reply from Rustica and the reservation is confirmed, a cancellation fee will be charged for cancellation due to customer's convenience from 5 days before the tour day .


● Please note that a cancellation fee may be incurred if the reservation is confirmed, even if you have not received the confirmed e-mail due to unsolicited e-mail or refusal to receive your mobile phone. If you apply online , please make settings so that you can receive emails from the "@" domain. (Cancellation of domain designation, etc.)


● Although it will be rainy, it may be canceled due to flooding due to heavy rain and weather conditions. In that case, no cancellation fee will be charged, but the customer will be responsible for transportation and accommodation expenses to the site. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you have a backup plan for your trip.


There are conditions for participation.

Basically, anyone who is a junior high school student or older can participate. However, rafting has a significant adverse effect on health, such as those who are drunk or drunk (including hangovers), those who are pregnant or may be pregnant, and those who are prohibited from playing sports by doctors. Those who may have an effect will be refused participation. If you have a handicap, please contact us in advance.