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Training program / trainee program

Rafting guide, I'm interested, but I don't know what to do ...

We have prepared two programs for such people!

We will firmly support even those who want to be a guide for the first time so that they can start without anxiety.

Get guide technology that works at any river at your own pace!

~ Rafting shop, Rustica ~

Program to become a guide from inexperienced
* Please contact us if you have experience.


① Training program

-Free training style, while having fun, at a leisurely pace-

For those who aim to be a guide as a side job, those who want to experience what it feels like first, and those who want to leisurely acquire skills at their own pace.

There is no obligation as a job, so we will practice and give classes at the right time.

There is no time limit, but due to the nature of providing skills free of charge, we ask that you work at Rustica regardless of your main business or side business style after being certified as a guide.

​ It is possible to change from mid-career to a training program.

Participation fee: Free Duty as a job: None Salary: None Conditions: Healthy people over 20 years old

​ Time limit: None

​ Estimated period: 45 to 100 days in total

② Trainee program

-Short-term intensive training while receiving a salary-

For those who are prepared to become a guide in their main business.

We will acquire skills in a short period of time.

I have a duty as a job, and I support the tour during the tour, do the work even when there is no tour, and practice intensively in the interim time.

There is also a time limit.

Participation fee: Free Duty as a job: Yes Salary: Yes / Monthly salary system conditions: Yes

・ Healthy people over 20 years old ・ Regular driver's license required

・ Swimming ability above average ・ In the first year of certification as a guide, you can work for at least one season as your main business, and from the second season you can work as a rafting guide for Rustica for a total of at least two seasons with style consultation (main business or side business). direction.

Time limit: Yes (from the training start date to 90 days)

​ Estimated period: 30 to 90 days from the training start date

What can i learn?


-River name, flow, knowledge-

There are names for the white waves and the streams in the river.

It's interesting just to know it! !!




-Knowledge about equipment-

Knowing the detailed knowledge of the equipment can reduce the risk of nature.

If you do not know it, there is a danger, so you will need to learn the minimum required knowledge.



-Self rescue

Don't panic if you fall off the boat. The guide should always be calm. You will learn practically how to respond when you fall into a river and are washed away, how to swim and how to return to a boat.



-Respect and gratitude for nature-

The closer you are to nature, the more you feel the fear, greatness and splendor of nature. You can feel it yourself without us teaching.​ Don't forget to be grateful every day.



-Beergood! -

It doesn't come with beer. The beer after sweating in the river is really great!

​ There is also a dormitory for continuous training, so enjoy a drink of bliss with your friends! !!



-Tight body-

​I don't know at first and leave it to me! But that's fine! If you notice that you are using a lot of muscles, macho man! You may have a sexy body!



-Ship maneuvering technology-

It is indispensable to paddle to move the boat. The way of movement changes between still water and running water. You don't just have to move it. Use the flow well to control your boat!




-How to tie a rope-

There are various ways to tie a boat, such as tying a boat to various places, tying it to a tree, tying it to a person, using it for rescue, and tying a rope. In it, you will learn how to tie a river. It may be useful for camping.

​ ← Now, how many knots does he tie a boat to a car?



-Accident response-

It is important to manage risks so that accidents do not occur, but it is difficult to prevent 100% against natural opponents.

​ We will learn practically how to move when something happens.



-Smiles from customers-

I don't think there are so many occupations where the customer's reaction can be seen directly. Your efforts will come back immediately. To become a full-fledged guide, you must also improve your talk skills.



-A feeling of liberation from everyday life-

Please release daily stress here! You are free to sing and dance in the river!

​ This honey is sweet


Come on! It's a waste to do nothing! Let's make an entry!

First of all, please contact us by phone or email!
We will answer your questions and concerns.

Call 080-8219-6119

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