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Asahi base


Oaza Okurihashi, Asahi Town, Nishimurayama District, Yamagata Prefecture461

* It will be on the back side of the 1st floor of the old school building of Sendabashi Elementary School.

About traffic conditions in the surrounding area


Rustica's Asahi Base is located near Prefectural Road 18, which extends from near Yamagata Station to Asahi Town.

It will be about 35 minutes from Yamagata Station.


Take Prefectural Road 143 from Prefectural Road 18 and proceed for about 200m. There is a school gate on your left, so please enter from there.
Please park your car in front of the front door or in the gravel parking lot.

☆ When coming from Yamagata City

If you are accessing by car, we recommend Prefectural Road No. 18, which has relatively good road conditions, although there is a prefectural road if you are coming from Yamagata City.


☆ When coming from Sendai City / Miyagi / Iwate

We recommend using the highway to enter the direction of Yamagata Expressway → Tohoku Chuo Expressway Fukushima, and then take Prefectural Route 18 from the Yamagata Chuo Interchange.

☆ When coming from Fukushima / Kanto area

We recommend going north on the Tohoku Chuo Road and taking Prefectural Road 18 from the Yamagata Chuo Interchange.

☆ When arriving by Shinkansen, high-speed bus, etc.

The smoothest way is to come to Yamagata Station and rent a car from there. From the west exit of Yamagata Station, it takes just over 30 minutes by car.

If you come by plane

It is a little over 40 minutes by car from Yamagata Airport in Higashine City. We recommend renting a car or taking a jumbo taxi.

* Notes when arriving by chartered bus, etc.

The entrance of the base does not correspond to a large bus. The large bus will reach a wide road about 100 meters in front of you.Medium-sized buses and minibuses can enter in front of the entrance.

☆ When coming by train

There is no station in Asahi-cho, so it is recommended to come by car, but if you come by train, we will pick you up from Aterazawa Line, Aterazawa Station or Yamanobe Station, so please contact us.

* Pick-up service is available only for "Mogami River Rafting Tour". There is no transfer for combos and limited tours.

​Navigation may stop around the destination.
​ Please refer to the following.

​Directions to Asahi Base

↖ To Shirataka

↑ Asahimachi Chonai

​Route 143

Sawauchi Bridge

​Route 18

Here →

Asahi base

↓ Yamagata City

​Customers from Yamagata City (Line 18)

* Customers from the Asahimachi area can click here or scroll down.

You can see a school with such a silhouette

You can also access it by turning left here

Enter from the bigger road one more ahead

As soon as you see the bulletin board, turn left .

Left here ←


The road becomes narrower


Immediately to the left after crossing the bridge

The entrance to Sendabashi Elementary School. There is a parking lot in the back​ I have

The parking lot is on the right

Please park at the red circle.

Since the left is the ground, entry is prohibited.

Please enter from the front door

Change to slippers and put your shoes in the shoe box and go to the back

​Proceed to the back and you will find it on your right.

Office entrance

Welcome to Rustica ♪

​Customers from the Asahimachi area (Line 18)

* Customers from Yamagata City can click here or scroll up.

​When you see the sign, head toward Shirataka on Route 143.

Turn right

* After entering here, it is the same as the customer from the direction of Yamagata, so click here or scroll up

​If you go too far

There is a path that turns to the right, so please turn

Turn left. Please be careful about the crossing of residents

* After entering here, it is the same as the customer from the direction of Yamagata, so click here or scroll up

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