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Our History


2014.7 Opened in Oguni Town, Yamagata Prefecture. Started rafting tour in Arakawa and Tamagawa

2016.7 Sales in Oguni Town became difficult due to multiple factors, temporarily moved to Sakae Village, Nagano Prefecture, and opened in Chikuma River

2017.7 Moved the base to the former Okurihashi Elementary School in Asahi Town, Yamagata Prefecture and started rafting business in Mogami River

2019.6 Offering rafting tour as a gift for Asahimachi's hometown tax payment

2021.5 Start of pack craft tour as a new activity
2021.7 Opened a second temporary base in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, and started business for a period

RUSTICA  [Rustica]
Asahi base (main store) period business April-October

461 Okurihashi, Asahi-cho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata 990-1422

Oshu base (temporary branch) business period August

52-7 Isawaku Wakayanagi Amasawa, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture 023-0403 Himekayu Onsen Furusatokan

Office year-round

813 Miyajuku, Asahi-cho, Nishimurayama-gun, Yamagata 990-1422

Common telephone: 080-8219-6119 Common fax: 0237-84-0189

Insurance common to all tours

Accident insurance

Death / residual disability: Up to 5 million yen Daily visit: 2500 yen

Daily hospitalization: 5000 yen

Liability insurance

Maximum of 1 accident: 500 million yen

Maximum per person: 100 million yen  

Main customer

・ Asahi Town

Member organization

・ Asahimachi Tourism Association

・ Asahi Town Chamber of Commerce

Posting portal site

・ Jalan

・ Activity Japan



Takeshi Abe

About Rustica

We are particular about Tohoku. Rich nature, the scenery as it should be, kind people, food with the taste of ingredients, relaxing time. I think there are still things in the countryside of Tohoku that are often lost in the city.

The shop name Rustica chose the English word "Rustic" as the etymology. The nuances of "countryside", "simple" and "crude". Imagine a shy, rugged yet attractive Tohoku person.


Rustica has two wishes.

"I want many people living in the city to feel the splendor of nature and the joy of the countryside of Tohoku by moving their bodies and playing with all five senses in the wonderful nature of Tohoku."

"I want people living in Tohoku to enjoy different ways of playing and activities, so that they can feel the splendor of nature and the goodness of the region from a different perspective and be proud of it." ..

What we can do.

The representative of Rustica is from Fukushima, worked for river rafting companies such as Minakami Gunma, Nagatoro Saitama, and Okutama, Tokyo, and has been active as a rafting guide, tour leader, and guide trainer for about 10 years. I was blessed with the opportunity to learn about SUP and canyoning.

Based on what we learned at the company in Kanto, we have increased the number of activity services we provide, such as rafting in the first step and pack craft in the second step.


We believe that Tohoku has many outdoor leisure potentials. We will continue to make efforts so that our customers can safely enjoy the "best outdoor experience in Tohoku" by considering and providing various games that can be experienced in this area and making improvements.

Unfortunate things happened in Tohoku in 2011. Some may be shunned from visiting Tohoku. We hope that many people will come into contact with the nature of Tohoku and feel the splendor of nature and the splendor of Tohoku through outdoor activities. It would be great if as many people as possible could come to Tohoku.


let's play. It was in the sky of Tohoku.

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